Play A New Card Battle Game Called Star Crusade On Windows 10

Card based battle games are ones that a certain group of people really enjoy, and while I certainly don’t know everything about them, I can appreciate them. A new one called Star Crusade is one I tried, and enjoyed.

Star Crusade is a free game from Zimad, and it gives you a card battle game set within a magical world and lets you fate and test the galaxy ahead. It is quite fun, and has over 400+ unique cards within the game.

Star Crusade Makes A Great Card Battle Game On Windows 10

Unlimited Strategy & Hard To Master

With Star Crusade, you get an unlimited strategy that lets you customize the size of the deck for the best cards. You can personlalize your starting strength, choose a commander, and go forth with the 400+ available cards.

Inside, you can start playing Star Crusade immediately, and start practicing inside the casual mode. You can then go onto the raid mode to conquer the galaxy, and then go into the ranked mode to play others.

Use Over 400+ Cards During Strategic Planning With Star Crusade

Play Anywhere & Community Based

The nice thing about this game, is that it lets you play it anywhere on your Windows 10 machine. It is cross-platform, and its real-time gameplay is stunning. You can use it on mobile devices, desktops, and full PC’s.

The Star Crusade game is also community powered, and has a evolving community that is quite interesting. You can submit ideas for the game, give feedback and suggestions, and the developers help by making the game even better.

Star Crusade is fun if you like card based battle games. It’s free to try, so try it and let us know if you enjoy it.

Published: Monday, March 13th, 2017 Last Modified: March 13, 2017

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