Pid Indie Game Without Publisher, Set for 2012 Release

Pid Game Indie Developer

You like Indie games? Make sure to watch the trailer for “Pid” and read about the latest unveiled details.

Pid Release Date

Approx 2012

The platformer Pid has been pretty much unheard of since last year’s reveal, but a new interview delves into the game

Pid was revealed last year, where the first trailer showed off the aesthetic of the game. The developer, Might and Delight, has now shared more details on the game in an interview with Gamasutra.

Pid is a 2D downloadable titles for consoles, developed by the team who produced Bionic Commando: Rearmed. However, the development cycle hasn’t been completely smooth.

The team has been struggling to land a publisher, despite gearing development towards getting a publisher at the outset: “It just became ‘we want to see more, give us more” said technical director Hakan Rasmussen.

As a result of no publisher partnering, the team changed their development philosophy completely by focusing on getting the gameplay nailed down. Might and Delight haven’t focused on the graphics, or the details in the levels, that much, instead insisting the gameplay has to be “perfect.”

On what Pid actually is, Rasmussen describes it as a “hardcore platform game” where players will learn to the better. It sounds like Super Meat Boy, which also punished players a lot until they were able to complete levels. Players will understand perfectly what to do and when.

He also says that the physics are being tweaked by hand, while also using it for collision detection.

Creative director Jakob Tuchten was slightly critical are more story-driven games this generation, believing that game should focus on gameplay and said Pid’s story will have no effect on the gameplay.

He said the team at Might and Delight have a very clear vision of what they want to achieve: “It makes it easy to judge if we’re going in the right direction.” Tuchten also said the creative process needs to be controlled, as suggested ideas have to be determined whether they are good or bad. The result is that gameplay is simple, and it’s simply “intuition” for players.

Pid revealed

The debut trailer showed off the aesthetic of the game, and some of the mechanics. Players can spawn beams from surfaces which push the player in a direction and over obstacles, move enemies and allow projectiles such as rockets to be directed towards enemies.

Pid is coming to digital platforms 2012.

Published: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 23, 2012

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