Photosynths in Bing Maps. Dive in!

Finally, Microsoft is competing with Google in other areas: Bing Maps is Microsoft’s newest clue. Bing has been a great success so far, so it was only logical to work on new features. They will probably also work on more new tools like “Bing Products”.

microsoft photosynth
(Microsoft’s new technology to create virtual 3D worlds: Photosynth)

The “standard features” of Bing Maps are very similar to Google Maps. You can also get information about local stores or parking areas and calculate a route from point A to B.

Photosynth creates a virtual 3D world

Anyway, it’s not just another Google Maps clone. Microsoft has developed a very amazing technology called photosynth that combines images from all over the web to a large virtual 3D world. It’s similar to the concept of hypelinks, but instead of text we’re using pictures.

Microsoft is going to allow users to upload their very own pictures so that you will be able to explore buildings like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from the inside. “How does that work?”, you may ask yourself.

See it in action (too amazing to describe it in words!):

How to create a Photosynth

Of course, Photosynth relies on the cooperation of many people, but you can also create a photosynth on your own.You’ll simply have to take a few more pictures of whatever you want to explore in 3D. Microsoft released a guide that will explain you how to create a photosynth:

The Photosynth Photography Guide (1.2Mbyte pdf)

The Photosynth Photography Guide (1.3Mbyte xps)

Explore Photosynth

On Microsoft’s site you can explore the latest synth’s that have been created by beta users. You will have to install Silverlight in order to use it, but it’s more than worth it!

Link: Nice and synthy

Published: Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 Last Modified: December 3, 2009

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