Photosynth Gets Major Upgrades For Its Users

On Tuesday, Microsoft updated its Photosynth software for its users and gives photo users a ton of new features that they will love and enjoy. The updates to the Photosynth software will enable them to take photos in amazingly new ways and enjoy them in all new ways.

The Photosynth software was developed as a side project by Microsoft to give its photo takers ways to enjoy their pictures. The ability to stitch photos together was the first way that users used it, but with the updates on Tuesday, the number of upgrades will simply stun them.

Microsoft Updates Photosynth Software In A Technical Preview

New Updates

The Photosynth update got a ton of new updates on Tuesday. The first of which is the ability to walk around an object in the photo, and users are able to snap pictures that are pieced together in the 3D model which is 360-degrees. The backbone of the Microsoft servers are handling the software crunching and giving users amazing 360-degree views.

The software behind Photosynth is able to identify moving objects, smooth transitions between pictures, and also gives users support for high-resolution pictures. So, for example users are able to glide their ways through mountains and then zoom in and out of the crevices and rides of the mountains in incredible detail never seen before.

Photo Lovers Will Love Microsoft's Latest Photosynth Updates

How To Get It And Why?

The Photosynth software has been available to users of desktop and mobile devices for sometime, and now the latest batch of updates are live for users to download from Microsoft. The technical preview is live for people to download and start to use currently, and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

For those who love taking pictures, and who love taking pictures, Microsoft’s Photosynth is a stunning and mind-boggling piece of software to enjoy. The reviews of the software have been off the charts since it arrived, and Microsoft is giving photo geeks another set of exciting tools to use with their pictures. Now, with incredible details, 3D modeling, and zooming in and out, this free software just got even better.

I love taking pictures and have used Photosynth for a while. These latest updates are incredible and if you love pictures, try it today.

Published: Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 Last Modified: December 12, 2013

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