Photos Now Easily Shared In OneDrive

The OneDrive product from Microsoft has gone from being a simple storage solution, to being the main online hub for Microsoft products. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued major updates to OneDrive, that will now allow for easily sharing photos and more photo tools.

Since the OneDrive product is available on a number of products, Microsoft needs to make sure that photos are the easiest thing that users can share. Now, Microsoft is doubling storage for photos to 30GB, and makes room for up to 12,000 photos to be shared online with yourself and others.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive Photo Interface For Photo Lovers

Importing Photos & Viewing Them Easier

The first thing that Microsoft noted in their OneDrive blog on Wednesday, was the updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft will be making it easier to automatically import photos from devices to OneDrive, and saving screenshots to OneDrive. This new camera imports folder will have them all.

Seeing photos in OneDrive has been an issue, but now they can be viewed easier. OneDrive has now enhanced the view of photos that have been grouped by time and location, and even grouped by month. But, where OneDrive and the new photos updates have really taken over is the implementation of albums.

Microsoft Gives Users Albums and Search Tools With OneDrive Updates

OneDrive Photo Albums

The ability to group photos in OneDrive using albums is a brand new thing. Now, albums will let users see photos front and center. Thumbnails have been increased in size, photos are edge-to-edge, and a collage of photos can be seen. It’s not just a boring way to view photos on OneDrive anymore.

Users can group photos by vacation dates, trips, business trips, and much more using albums. Albums can be viewed from any device or mobile browser, and in mobile apps as well. In addition, finding photos and docs/PDF’s have been updated using Bing’s search tools within the OneDrive new interface.

OneDrive got a lot of photoloving updates. Now, upload your photos and enjoy them all the time.

Published: Thursday, January 29th, 2015 Last Modified: January 29, 2015

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