Peter Molyneux Leaves Microsoft and Lionhead for new studio

Fable The Journey_2 GamePeter Molyneux is leaving Microsoft to start a new studio called 22 Cans

Peter Molyneux announces he’s leaving Microsoft after Fable: The Journey

Peter Molyneux, the brain behind franchises such as Black and White and Fable, has announced that is leaving Microsoft and Lionhead Studios after completing Fable’s entry into the Kinect market: Fable: The Journey.

In a statement, Molyneux expressed emotion at leaving Microsoft and the company he co-founded in 1997: “It is mixed emotions that I made the decision to leave Microsoft and Lionhead.” Molyneux will remain involved with this year’s Fable: The Journey as a creative consultant.

Taking over from Molyneux is studio co-founder Mark Webley. Molynexus will be moving to a new studio called 22 Cans.

Molyneux went on to say that he was “extremely passionate and proud” of the aforementioned titles, along with pioneering Kinect technology with the tech demo Milo and Kate. He said, however, that the “time was right” to move on from both Lionhead and Microsoft to pursue an “independent” venture.

Microsoft also added to the news, thanking Molyneux for the work he has done and ensured those outside the company that there was no split between the two: [W]e wish him all the best of luck in future his future endeavours.”

New Word About New Studio

Regarding the new studio, the games it will be developing, and for what platforms, there is no information currently. A spokesperson for Molyneux said that he will be remaining quiet for the time being.

Molyneux became known in the gaming industry for the PC god game Populous, to Theme Park and Black and White. Lionhead Studios was bought by Microsoft following the success of Fable for the original Xbox.

Peter Molyneux is known for being incredibly ambitious when developing games, promising features and apologising for not quite living up to expectations.

Whether Molyneux will continue with development on the Kinect game Milo and Kate has been unconfirmed. After showing an initial demo in 2009 where a woman was interacting with Milo, talking to the character and sharing objects, the project vanished. Rumours circulated that the title had been cancelled.

Other figures have left the Fable series. Simon Carter, one of the figures behind Fable’s conception, left to start his own studio. His brother Dane joined him.

Published: Thursday, March 8th, 2012 Last Modified: March 8, 2012

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