PES 2014 hopes to close gap with new engine

Pro evolution soccer is back and bigger than ever with Konami showcasing the new engine that they are hoping will allow them to make inroads into a market dominated by a FIFA.

PES 2014 receives a facelift

Konami have released images of the new engine in action – dubbed the Fox engine – and it looks absolutely terrific.

The players, goals and celebrations all come across incredibly lifelike and more realistic than ever before with a massive jump in quality from last year’s iteration.

The players themselves bear an uncanny likeliness to their real-life counterparts with everything down to the skin tone and wrinkles spot on.


Superficially at least the graphics are on par and in some cases ahead of their big rival FIFA and EA’s new ignite engine.

Players to control more realistically than ever before

The new engine will not only ensure players look like their real counterparts , it is also making sure they play like them too.

Feedback so far has reported that individual players all control differently and uniquely as per their characteristics in real life.

This means that whether you’re controlling Ribery and flying down the wing showcasing your full repertoire of tricks, controlling Schweinsteiger and dominating the midfield with bone crunching tackles and an eye for a pass or controlling a big burly central defender who may be slow and cumbersome but is equally strong and imposing you are in for a more realistic experience than ever before.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is looking to bring soccer games back to what matter most – the gameplay, players and how they all matchup against each other.

New features to be added to PES 2014

Other than the new engine , Konami have announced a couple of more innovative twists to the latest PES title.

There will be a focus on combination play and the player will have more control over AI counterparts during the game. There is also a quirky new feature that will involve the crowd given the player momentum and raising individual player stats during the game. How this will work online, we will wait and see.


Either way the game is set to be one of the most innovative soccer games ever released as the series desperately tries to claw back the lead FIFA have built up in recent years.

It is expected to be released in late September on PC and all current gen consoles.

Published: Monday, August 5th, 2013 Last Modified: August 5, 2013

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