New Perfect Dark XBLA Screenshots!

Our Perfect Dark XBLA Screenshots gallery has been updated. Since I’m a really big fan of the Perfect Dark franchise (first part mainly, I haven’t played PD Zero) I tried to find ALL new screenshots and even found some screenshots of some cut-scenes and a list of all Perfect Dark XBLA achievements!

Perfect Dark XBLA Screenshots


Perfect Dark XBLA Achievements

Here’s a screenshot of the PD XBLA achievements:

Perfect Dark XBLA Achievements

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So, let’s see what we have here.

How’s That For Starters? Complete dataDyne Central – Defection.

Both Barrels Shoot an enemy when dual-wielding

Act Your Age, Joanna Destroy Carrington’s wine collection

Double 64 Kill 128 enemies using secondary fire mode

Camera Shy Destroy 10 security cameras

Deadly Laptop Kill 50 enemies using the laptop in sentry gun mode

Paci-Fist Complete any Solo Mission on Special Agen or harder using only your fists.

Tools of the Trade Get a Bronze rating or better with all 32 weapons in the Firing Range

Versatile Complete a Combat Simulator game using each of the six preset Scenarios

Golden Days Complete a Combat Simulator game on Felicity (typo? probably Facility), Complex or Temple using Classic Weapons

Prime Target Complete every Challenge up to and including 29, the 10th Prime number

A Friend Indeed Complete any mission in Co-operative Mode

…Who Needs Enemies? Complete any mission in Counter-Operative Mode

dataDyne Specialist Kill at least one enemy with each of the dataDyne weapons

Carrington Institute Specialist Kill at least one enemy with each of the Carrington Institute weapons.

Perfect Dark XBLA Cut-Scenes Screenshots

Keep in mind that all cut-scenes in Perfect Dark are using ingame graphic. Here are the screenshots of a few cut-scenes:

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