Perfect Dark Remake for Xbox Live Arcade @ X10

Oh my god, first we get news about Golden Eye Source Beta 4 and now we get a playable OFFICIAL Perfect Dark remake from Rare. How awesome is that? Old Perfect Dark below, new Perfect Dark above. You’ll find plenty of high-res screenshots inside!

Perfect Dark XBOX Live Arcade

Rare confirmed via Twitter that Perfect Dark XBLA will be playable at the upcoming X10 event:

In Perfect Dark XBLA news: the game will be playable at the X10 event next week, widespread coverage to ensue. Have some of that! #X10Xbox

Elvis, Joanna and Daniel Carrington with High-Res textures! Thank you Microsoft & Rare! (Microsoft acquired Rare back in 2002)
According to rumors, the remake will even include the facemapping feature that they removed from the original Perfect Dark.

For the completel list of all XBLA (XBOX Live Arcade) Games click here.

Unfortunately, this won’t be coming for the Windows equivalent GFWLA (games for windows live arcade).

Published: Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 Last Modified: February 9, 2010

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