Peach Makes Virtual Desktops Easier On Windows 10

Many who are hardcore Windows 10 users, utilize virtual desktops, and use them across a number of different uses. An app called Peach makes managing those virtual desktops much easier and into separate spaces.

Peach is an indepndent Windows 10 app, and the focus of the app is to help users focus on their work. By organizing windows into virtual desktops, it makes moving between contexts fast, and gives users shortcuts to use.

Peach App Makes Managing Virtual Desktops Easy

Peach Features

With Peach, each virtual desktop gets assigned a number on the keyboard, and users can switch between these desktops with ease and quickness. This can even be done without a mouse, which is great for many users.

Users can also pin windows to the screen, and that helps with referenes, or any type of window you use frequently. You can also toggle between desktops with shortcuts, and move windows to make them easier to use.

Virtual Desktops On Windows 10 Shine With Peach

Simple & Easy

Once you install Peach, you are given several different shortcut commands to use. These include control-alt-backspace, control-alt, control-alt-shift, Windows-control D, and Windows-Control-F4 to name a few.

These commends let users toggle to last desktops, go back through them, switch them, move windows, create new virtual desktops, and pin them as needed. It makes virtual desktops on Windows 10 a breeze to use.

Peach is available now for $10 on Windows 10. If you use virtual desktops, this is a must have and a instant purchase.

Published: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 Last Modified: September 13, 2017

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