Path Of Exile: Complex Action RPG, Diablo 3 Alternative (Screenshots, Review)

Pathofexile_act3_1_ll You didn’t like Diablo 3? Too simple? Not innovative enough? If you can obsess over skill trees for hours, Path of Exile might be just what you need and be the best Diablo 3 alternative on the market

Path of Exile is a free-to-play game with micro-transactions. Before you stop reading, this may not be so bad. Free-to-play worked well in Planetside 2 and it certainly doesn’t mean this game is not worth a glance.

Passage from the original website regarding F2P:

Path of Exile is 100% free to play, for everyone, forever. Our website will allow the purchase of many in-game perks and aesthetic upgrades, but all of these are completely optional, and players can have a complete, fulfilling gaming experience without spending a penny. Source

Alright, so perks can be bought. Obviously this could give some players an advantage, but the developers say there will be NO way to “buy” XP points or make your character stronger buying weapons or other loot. You still have to play the game to progress. This is good to hear and will make the game fair for both paying and non-paying players. And boy – this game looks pretty complex. Looking at the skill tree makes my head spin – hundreds of possible skills to pick from and you can create so many unique character builds that I can already see lots of forums discussing the best builds.

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Published: Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: January 22, 2013

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