Path Launches For Windows Phone Finally

Users on social networks have their favorites, and with those Path is one of these that always gets high reviews among users. On Friday, Microsoft and Path jointly launched the Path Beta for Windows Phone users, and the controlled social network is live from them to enjoy.

By launching the Path Beta, both Microsoft and Path are giving Windows Phone users the app that they have been desiring. The closely guarded and controlled garden that Path is, gives users the ability to control what they share, where they share it, and with whom they share.

Path Beta Launches On Windows Phone On Friday

What Makes Path Different For Windows Phone?

What definitely makes Path different is that users control all their data, and where they share that data, and whom they share that data with in their lists. It is a network with an incredible number of users and has grown immensely. Windows Phone users now get that app on their Windows Phones and can share that network with their contacts as well.

I use Path, and enjoy the close sharing abilities that it has. I have an inner circle of friends that I only share certain things with, and is much different than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I can use the app to share to those networks, but if I want to share something with a best friend, I can do it finally with this app on my Windows Phone.

Close Network Path Available For Windows Phone Users From Microsoft

Another Sign Of Windows Phone Strength

The Path Beta app is another highly regarded app to come to Windows Phone. As the market share for Windows Phone has increased, developers are getting Windows Phone users the apps they want. They are still not coming out at the same time as Android and iOS, but Windows Phone users are getting them.

Microsoft is courting developers and app creators for Windows Phone apps and are getting them. It still is gaining users in the US slowly, but globally Windows Phone is a force and users are enjoying the ecosystem. I enjoy my Lumia phones, and now find another reason to love it with Path. I can share text entries, voice only items, videos and photos starting today, and all on my Microsoft Windows Phone.

I enjoy Path, and now I can enjoy it on my Windows Phone. This made my weekend, and now I can share great Lumia 1020 pictures with my friends and family today.

Published: Saturday, January 18th, 2014 Last Modified: January 18, 2014

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