Patch Tuesday Brings Microsoft Fixes For All

Microsoft is a company that delivers fixes to users generally on the second Tuesday of each month, and this Tuesday was like any other. Microsoft on Tuesday delivered sever major updates that cover over 32 different vulnerabilities, and will keep computers patched for a while.

By delivering their patches and fixes once per month, Microsoft is able to deliver fixes for all operating systems at the same time. The fixes cover Internet Explorer, cover known exploits in the Windows Operating System, and cover a wide range of internal systems.

Microsoft Delivers Patch Tuesday Updates In Mass Numbers

XML Core Services and IPv6 D-Dos

The two major updates cover a range of internal fixes and help a non-critical but important vulnerability that would allow files to be seen across Internet Explorer. The MS14-005 fix updates the Internet Explorer code and will patch up any exploits that would allow files to be seen by other users.

The other major update had to do with the IPv6 protocol, while new, is an item that Microsoft deem crucial to fix. The MS14-006 update, affected Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Server 2012. The fix patched up a vulnerability that could allow a Denial of Service, and now will make sure that it works as promised.

Internet Explorer Among Items That Patch Tuesday Fixed By Microsoft

Graphics, Exchange & More

The other five major ranges of patches released by Microsoft covered a wide range of products. From a remote code execution fix in Direct2D, a fix in Exchange that could allow remote code execution, and vulnerabilities in .NET to allow elevation of privilege were tightened up by the company. Two of these fixes were known to the public, and were fixed up by Microsoft with this set of updates.

Internet Explorer as well got a patch that made sure 24 vulnerabilities were fixed, of which 23 were publicly known. The last major point of patches dealt with vulnerabilities in VBScript and the scripting engine to allow remote code execution. This mainly dealt with users who visited malicious web sites, and allowed VBScript to inject code into Windows and run these scripts without the users permissions.

I personally enjoy the tech notes of Patch Tuesday. It shows that Microsoft is fixing things, and giving users security at the same time.

Published: Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 Last Modified: February 12, 2014

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