Patch Tuesday Arrives With Surface Updates

On Tuesday, Patch Tuesday arrived from Microsoft, and they gave users more than just the normal amount of patches and updates. They gave users the Internet Explorer patches and other fixes, but also gave Surface users fixes and updates for their units which was unexpected.

With their Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft gave a number of fixes to users that will make them more secure and feel better using the web. The Surface 2 though got a surprise update batch of updates that wasn’t previously announced, and shows Microsoft is eagerly updating their projects asap.

Microsoft Issues Patch Tuesday Fixes To Surface Units

Surface 2 Updates

With the Patch Tuesday updates, Surface 2 users got a number of updates for their newly released tablets. They got improved type and touch performance, camera upgrades, a number of audio fixes which allows users to help with headphone removal, battery life improvements, and wi-fi improvements. The Surface 2 is the new addition to the Surface line and this update will please many.

The Surface Pro also got a number of improvements that allows users to input the Japanese languages in combination with the touch and type covers that are the second generation models. In addition to the language support on the type covers, Microsoft also improved the Wi-Fi performance on the Surface units. The original Surface also got updates for the covers as well.

Microsoft Issues Patch Tuesday Fixes To Surface Units

Other Patch Tuesday Highlights

In addition to the Surface updates via Patch Tuesday, Microsoft also fixed the Internet Explorer issue that we alluded to yesterday. The fix allowed for remote code execution to occur if they visited a crafted webpage that would inject their Internet Explorer with malicious code. This was a major bug that Microsoft got ahead of quickly.

Other fixes on Patch Tuesday included fixes to the Windows Graphics Device Interface, Cumulative Security Updates of ActiveX Kill Bits, fixing Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office that Could Allow Remote Code Execution, Driver Vulnerabilities, Outlook Vulnerability fixes, and Digital Signature fixes. All of these can be downloaded and updated asap via Windows Update.

I enjoy Patch Tuesday since it shows that Microsoft is listening to security and network people. The IE fix was important to fix ASAP and they did that and pleases many.

Published: Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 Last Modified: November 13, 2013

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