Patch Tuesday Arrives To Fix All Versions Of Windows

As the second Tuesday of the month arrived, Microsoft was quick to deliver its usual round of security fixes to all brands of Windows. This Tuesday was no different, and gave users a number of fixes to install, including those for Windows 10.

In their release notes, virtually no version of Windows was spared from Patch Tuesday, and Microsoft was able to send a number of fixes via the channel. Internet Explorer though got the biggest fixes, but ones for Windows 10 gained interest.

Microsoft Issues Virtual Bandaids During Patch Tuesday Bug Fixes

Windows 10 and Internet Explorer

With the Windows 10 fixes, Microsoft issues patch MS15-106 to the masses. This fixed issues where users would be able to access Internet Explorer and gain access to affected machines. The fix cured this woe, and allowed Internet Explorer to get patched.

This type of exploit would have to get the user to visit a specific website with Internet Explorer, and then that website would execute the code within Internet Explorer. This was a rather large fix, and Microsoft Edge wasn’t affected with this fix.

Microsoft Releases Patch Tuesday Updates For All Windows

Other Fixes

Microsoft additionally thanked other tech groups for bringing the Internet Explorer flaws to their attention. They publicly thanked FireEye, HP, Trend Micro, and Verisign for their help. This is a strong sign that Microsoft works with others to fix its products.

During Patch Tuesday, Microsoft also issued MS15-108 and MS15-109, which addressed critical vulnerabilities in Windows, according to their notes. Lastly, MS15-107, MS15-110, and MS15-111 were released for other important issues according to Microsoft.

Patch Tuesday arrived and fixed a few things. IE is now safer, and that makes the web a lot easier to enjoy.

Published: Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 Last Modified: October 14, 2015

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