Part 2 of Interview With The Brains Behind the Microsoft Courier’s App “Paper”

Paper Ipad App Programmer talks about app’s release, new features and how they want to integrate Tumblr

If you missed part 1 of the interview, you can find it here

The forces behind Microsoft’s now-dead tablet – the Courier – introduce their app, Paper

This is the second part of the recap of The Verge’s interview with one member of the ex-Microsoft team – Georg Petchschnigg – who left to develop their new app, Paper, which is almost a spiritual successor to Courier. The app is designed to leave people be alone and work with their ideas.

The app was in development before the new iPad, beginning in June last year. The app runs on all iPads, and was ready “for some time.” Once the new iPad rumours started to leak – particularly about the Retina display – the team waited, which is an obvious decision and one that will benefit in the team greatly.

On other versions, that will be influenced by demand.

Rewind Features, Social Integration

One feature I like about Paper is that undo has been changed, and is something more akin to rewind. You scrub backwards to “rewind” creations. On the new iPad and iPad 2, you can rewind 20 times. On the iPad, five times. At this point, I don’t think it’s entirely reasonable for people to expect the iPad to be comparable with other devices in terms of performance and support considering it’s three years old. Personally speaking, I don’t have any issues with that.

The point of rewind, and this seemed obvious to me, is that rewind allows users to go through the process of creation. I’m using a program like Photoshop, then once you’ve made an error you have to be really precise to erase it. On a tablet device this doesn’t work because of less real estate, and using an eraser would be counter-intuitive.

It’s a similar issue with the ‘shake to undo’ feature, which the team described as “distracting.” Why would I, or why would anyone, want to shake their device to undo something? The image from doing that is like shaking something out of frustration. Creating something should be fun, and rewinding is fun.

There is also support for social networks, notably Tumblr. Users can upload their creations to Tumblr, which was described as an “online notebook.” That makes sense, because each day you could publish thought process and how an idea is developing.

Download Paper now for iPad.

Published: Saturday, March 31st, 2012 Last Modified: March 31, 2012

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