Parature Update Gives Enterprise Customers More Capabilities

The Parature product was released from Microsoft earlier this year, and is mainly aimed at the enterprise customer, giving them ways to innovate. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued updates to Parature giving it more unified administration, enhancements, and customer service updates as well.

The Parature product is all about the enterprise, and as it was released in January 2015, it has gained a lot of user support. With the enterprise updates give those looking to interact with customers, another tool at their disposal. With these updates, it means that Microsoft can court them with more products to use.

Microsoft Updates Parature Product Released In January 2015

Engagement Portal and Enhanced Search

The first update to Parature is all about a new portal to engage with their customers. It will allow enterprise customers to connect to their customers in one central spot, and give them a more productive experience as well. It will also help agents who use the product to interact with customers online or over the phone.

The second update to Parature is the update to its search capabilities. Now, dynamic content will make it easier to search for content, and especially when looking for help with customers. Now, customers, content, downloads, filtering, and more can be found easier. This saves time and increases capabilities.

Microsoft's Parature Gives Agents Easier To Search Tools When Helping Customers

Other Parature Updates

Third, enterprise customers will be able to engage with the brand deeper with the updates made to Parature. Knowledge views, chat requests, and more have been improved, giving customers better ways to interact with their brands. This means that enterprise agents can make better contact with interested clients.

Additionally, updates to the Parature global capabilities have been made. Parature allows for agents to communicate with over 11 different languages, and updates to Microsoft Translator are included with the updates. Lastly, the social engagement aspect has been updated with more social channels included with the product.

Microsoft’s Parature product is another social enterprise tool. Together with Yammer, this can help enterprise users everywhere.

Published: Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 Last Modified: April 29, 2015

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