Parasite Eve Is Back

Parasite Franchise is finally back.

Parasite Eve 3

The 3rd Birthday marks the return of the Parasite Franchise

After Square Enix seemed to put the brakes on the Parasite Eve series passing by opportunities to release sequels ever since the PlayStation One era, they have shocked the gaming world by announcing that there will be a new title with a very shocking odd name, The 3rd Birthday. In all fairness, the name does not actually contain the Parasite Eve title since it is supposed to be a spin-off of the franchise, but it will be see Aya Brea return as the main character.

Aya Brea back again

Aya Brea is back in her main role as the focus of 3rd Birthday as she fights against the many ‘Twisted’ creatures that are threatening her home of Manhattan in NYC. Like its predecessors, The 3rd Birthday is a third person shooter video game and is full of action described by its creators as a cinematic RPG. The plot and game play are twisted together so that players can choose to shoot from the point of view of one of their team members throughout the game so that you get more out of it than just life as Aya Brea. 

Manhattan thrill of 3rd Birthday

While the name does not tie into the plot at all, the theme and overall plot is still quite intriguing as it takes place in year 2012 when creatures suddenly pop out from the earth’s crust and start destroying monuments and killing the population. Known as Babels, the root monsters have forms that can kill humans leading to the Counter Twisted Investigation creation of which Aya Brea is a member. Given the fact she is able to move her soul from body to body the rest of the mission is about traveling back in time to prevent the occurrence of the monsters. 

History of Parasite Eve

The Parasite Eve series was created from a novel that was adapted into a film and then later as video games that were put out by PlayStation. The game itself is a first shooter that is an action horror game that offers over the shoulder point of views. The game uses real time which makes the events much more believable and captivating. When not in battle there is plenty of training missions and experience growth to take advantage of as well as plotlines to keep the game moving along.

Release Date: April 1, 2011

Published: Sunday, June 19th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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