Pandora Plus Arrives On Pandora Windows 10 App

If you enjoy music, and streaming music at that, you certainly have heard of Pandora. The popular music service has tons of users, but its Windows 10 app has been missing Pandora Plus, that is until now.

The Pandora Plus service is the premium service of Pandora, and was previously only available on its mobile apps. With the addition of it to the Windows 10 app, it should get more users to use it.

Pandora Plus Arrives On Windows 10 For Users

What Is Pandora Plus?

Pandora Plus is the $4.99/month service from Pandora, and it offers users an ad-free experience, and lots more. The advertisement free experience of Pandora Plus might be enough for users, but it has more.

Other than being free from ads, Pandora Plus also gives users unlimited skips, and unlimited replays. This lets you enjoy songs over and over again, and bypass the ones you want to skip, whenever you want.

Pandora Plus Brings Unlimited Replays & Skips To Windows 10 Users

Is Pandora Plus Worth It?

With the number of streaming music services on the Internet today, Pandora’s Plus service is the most affordable for no ads. At $4.99/month, its a great bargain with an extensive music library available for users.

Additionally, with the Groove Music Streaming Music service being eliminated from Microsoft, it opens up a large market for Pandora. It has millions of songs available, and has lots to offer users via this premium service.

If you use Pandora, try out Pandora Plus. It’s under $5 per month, and well worth a try if you want the best Pandora service you can get today.

Published: Saturday, October 7th, 2017 Last Modified: October 7, 2017

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