Paint 3D App On Windows 10 Gets Mid-Year Updates

With Windows 10 and its latest releases, the Paint 3D app has gotten a lot of users interested in 3D, creating art, and trying the app out. In July, its gotten three major updates, which should please its users.

The Paint 3D app from Microsoft is included in Windows 10, and its one of the best apps bundled into the operating system, I think. The three major updates though, add a lot to the overall performance of the app.

Updated Paint 3D App Gets July Refreshes & Updates

Update To Magic Select

Microsoft has listened to a lot of feedback from its users around the Paint 3D app, and many have had issues or complaints surrounding the Magic Select feature of the feature-filled app when users use it.

With the latest updates, the Magic Select enables a cool new feature. Now, “you can now magic select content directly into a scene, even after the scene has been partially composed so there is no need to move the object off canvas first”. This should please many users.

Line & Curve Tools Come To Paint 3D App On Windows 10

Line & Curve Tools Updates Plus GLB Support

The second major update to the Paint 3D app, is with the line and curve tools, that were available in the MS Paint app of old. Now, the line tool gives users ways to control thickness and opacity, and the curve has multiple inflection points that enable creation”

Third, the updates now give Paint 3D support for GLB. This open standard makes 3D file sharing more user-friendly according to Microsoft, and should give more users ways to share their 3D art ilke never before.

Give Paint 3D a spin if you enjoy creating art. It’s free, and the latest updates make it a ton easier to use & create.

Published: Saturday, July 15th, 2017 Last Modified: July 15, 2017

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