OWA Arrives On Android Phones From Microsoft

OWA is something that email junkies love, since it allows them to access their Outlook email from anywhere with their login and password. But for Android fans, it has been missing. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the release of OWA for Android on select devices.

OWA for Android was something that was announced a few months ago, and many Android fans were waiting with huge anticipation around the release of it. With its release on Wednesday, Microsoft is pleasing Android fans once again, with access to their email via OWA.

Microsoft Releases OWA For Android

Highlights Of OWA Release

With the pre-release of OWA for Android, via the Google Play Store, Microsoft is giving Android users a taste of OWA. It is not available for all Android phones, but has certain specifics that users can do with their email. Microsoft is anxiously waiting for feedback on it from users, and should get plenty with its release.

It does require Android 4.4 Kit Kat or higher, have a mailbox running Office 365 for business, and a small or normal device size. But, once installed on an Android phone, it will give users access to their Outlook mailbox, their contacts, and their full Outlook calendar from their Android device.

Microsoft Gives Android Users A Taste Of OWA For Android

How OWA Works

With OWA for Android, all a user has to do is tap on Outlook, and they are greeted with a list of their messages in their inbox. When the user taps on that message, it will open up the reading pane for that message, and includes support for new features that inclujde inline URL previews and much more.

The calnedar and people features have been optimized for the Android experience, and allows users to sync their contacts to the device. Users can choose which contacts to sync as well, and then see any changes made to their mailbox via their OWA app. It is available via the Google Play store currently, and is expected to be in wide release later in the year for all devices. Microsoft even has a forum open to take thoughts and concerns for its pre-release from users.

OWA for Android is a big boost for Android. It shows that Microsoft is always looking at platforms, and Android is a big one for Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, June 12th, 2014 Last Modified: June 12, 2014

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