Over 55,000 New Apps For Windows Phone Built

In an amazing post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft’s Emilio Salvador Preito released a statistic about the number of new apps being built for Windows Phone using the Windows Phone App Studio Beta.

The staggering number of apps show developers want to build for Windows Phone contrary to public opinion.

The announcement of over 55,000 active projects for apps using the WIndows Phone App Studio Beta exceeded expectations according to Microsoft. Microsoft thanked the users, developers, and users of the platform, which is only two weeks old, and released interesting stats.

Windows Phone App Studio Beta Hits Over 50,000 New Apps For Windows Phone Users

More Apps For Windows Phone Than Ever

Microsoft’s Emilio Salvador Prieto stated that in 48 hours, they saw more than 20,000 peoples building over 30,000 projects. Within the past few hours, the numbers climbed to over 55,000 active projects. This number threw Microsoft for a loop, and surprised them with the success of the project.

Temporary Access Code Instated

To cope with the huge number of new developers for Windows Phone, Microsoft put through a temporary access code system. They needed some way to manage the massive number of new developers and apps, and this seems to be the best way to manage the traffic coming into Windows Phone app studios.

Microsoft Thanks Users and Developers

In the blog post, Microsoft thanked users for their feedback, and knows that the Windows Phone App Studio is meant for family sharing and for mainstream usage. They thanked users for giving them the feedback needed to grow the system and to transform ideas into apps. Improvements including code legibility, new templates, Flickr feeds, and more are being added to improve the system.

Windows Phone App Studio Beta is a huge hit and despite public opinions on Windows Phone, people want to build for it. It’s not just Android and iOS anymore, and with over 55,000 new projects from small to large, Microsoft’s Windows Phone is taking off in a huge hurry, and the free tool was just the thing to do it. Combined with great phones like the Lumia 1020 and others, Windows Phone 8 is making people want to buy Windows Phone devices more than ever.

Published: Monday, August 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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