OUYA Gets Final Fantasy 3, But Looks Like The Same Android Port

Final Fantasy 3 On Ouya Console

OUYA’s definitely grabbing the news with its Rubix cube-esque form factor, and $99 price. We’re not quite sure if the console is going to rival next-generation consoles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, but there’s a definite niche being carved.

Like playing Android games, but hate playing on a small screen? OUYA should be correcting the problem

Final Fantasy 3 On Ouya Console

The announcement of OUYA, the open source video game console, is interesting because we don’t know if games are going to be ports from Google Play or built for the console. For now, the former seems to be the approach: Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy 3 will be launching on the console.

Square Enix confirmed the news yesterday. Since March 2013 is the release date for OUYA, it’s when Final Fantasy 3 will also launch on the console. Enix hasn’t specified if the game is going to be a simple port or something more, but the game is available on Google Play – the Android app store – for $15.99. Hopefully the pricing for OUYA won’t be more expensive than on a smartphone; some users might think $16 is too high.

OUYA is probably the most successful console ever on Kickstarter, raising over $5.8 million. It’s more than Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure Kickstart project raised, totalling over $3 million.

Lots Of Questions

There have been questions over OUYA. First, why is the development team heading to Kickstarter? Head to the project’s page on the crowdsourcing platform and there’s a development team working. Clearly there’s ongoing funding, especially for a well-sized team. Second, why could funding be looked for despite the money raised on Kickstarter? The developers said as much, which is a bit insulting because the point of Kickstarter is to make potential projects a reality.

Finally, what’s the business model? The console is based on Android, and is open source therefore, so where’s the barrier to people downloading games for free or running emulators. Why buy OUYA’s Final Fantasy 3 when there’s an emulator with the game? Not everyone is convinced – I’m not convinced, either – and porting games from Android’s app store is underwhelming.

I also doubt a parent buying the console because it’s cheap, for children, will keep them satisfied. There isn’t Call of Duty.

Published: Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 Last Modified: August 1, 2012

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