Outlook Web App Comes to iPhone and iPad

On Tuesday, Microsoft released their much anticipated Outlook Web App or OWA to iPhone and iPad customers. This ability to view office emails on the go, gives Office 365 users more and more reasons to use their mobile devices to access their emails anywhere.

The release of the OWA app for the iPhone and iPad, gives Office 365 subscribers more reasons to love their Office 365 subscription. The ability to view their Exchange emails online will make it easy to give users more productivity on the go and more.


Exchange Activesync Included

The release of the Outlook Web App includes something that business and enterprise users need when accessing their emails on the go, and that is Exchange ActiveSync. This enables users to access their Exchange emails on the go and on mobile devices. It brings a more native Outlook app to their mobile phones and devices and should please most email users on the go with constant updating and Exchange usability.

Voice Input Activated

The Outlook Web App for iPhone and iPad is voice activated for users on the go. Users can issue commands as “Open Calendar for Today” or “New Email to Bill Gates”, and the app executes the commands and does its functions according to the users instructions. This ability will be a huge plus to mobile users and to those who use Outlook a lot.

Calendar Includes Multiple Views

Users on their iPhone and iPad devices can view their calendars in multiple formats with the Outlook Web App. They can view them by day, week, work week, month, and agenda views. Users can swipe to their event or day, and use it to create new ones as well.

People Now Appear Like In The Browser

Now users who open their Outlook Web App can view their contacts within the phone like normal. They can access their contact just like they do in the browser, and it is synced to the device as well. This should give users more flexibility and the ability to see their contacts at any time.

The release of the Outlook Web App is another sign of an Office 365 release on the iPhone and iPad, and does require an Office 365 subscription.

Published: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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