Outlook Web App and OneDrive For Business Join Up

For business and enterprise users, OneDrive for Business and Outlook Web App are staples for daily use. But, for Office 365 subscribers, the two apps never got along completely, and always ran as separate apps. On Wednesday, Microsoft updated this, and now will allow users to attach links to files for business users.

In a blog post on its Office 365 site on Wednesday, Microsoft shared the frustrations of business users as they want to share files stored on their OneDrive for Business product. This new fix, while will be rolled out shortly, gives them a way to share files, maybe not as easily as expected, but in a way that will work for many business users.

Microsoft Makes Sharing Via OneDrive For Busines Easier With Changes

How This Will Work

The goal of the integration of Outlook Web App and OneDrive For Business is to allow users to share files on emails. This new process when its completely done, will let users share a attached link, which will then point to the OneDrive for Business file, making it easier to share enterprise level files for many.

When the receipient opens up the attachment, the link will take them to the OneDrive for Business datacenter, and users can then open or share the file. Additional options will allow them to co-edit them using Office Online, edit or view them in the number of Office apps, and see changes that each one of them might have made in the file, but housed in OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft Shows Off How Files Will Be Viewable Via OneDrive For Business Updates

Other Sharing Options Included Too

Additionally, when a user chooses a file on their hard drive as an attachment, Outlook Web App will ask them if they want to share it as a OneDrive for Busines link. By doing this, a copy of the file will be made, and makes it sharable to that receipient via OneDrive For Business. This is meant to compete against Google and Dropbox, and give OneDrive for Business users new ways to share files.

Whether or not this will be successful is unknown. If a user isn’t inside the Office 365 domain, they will have to create a Microsoft account to view the file. This could create delays, but might be good for Microsoft and its user account growth. Additionally, Microsoft will be rolling out these changes to its mobile platforms, from the iPad, iPhone, and Android products.

This is great news for enterprise and corporate customers. It makes file sharing easy and hopefully it works as told.

Published: Monday, October 13th, 2014 Last Modified: October 13, 2014

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