Outlook Web App and OneDrive For Business Get Updates

Both the Outlook Web App and OneDrive For Business are two tools that business users use on a daily basis, and are crucial to businesses who use Microsoft products. On Monday, both of these products got big updates, and those improvements will make OneDrive for Business and OWA perfectly working together.

The OneDrive for Business product was launched last August, and came within the OWA app for Office 365. Users were able to send OneDrive for Business files and edit/manage permissions for those files. But, now saving and sharing of those files to OneDrive for Business are now available to do.

Microsoft Updates OWA With OneDrive For Business Features

Save Attachments to OneDrive For Business

Users have been wanting to save attachments via email directly to OneDrive for Business, but have not been able to do that. Starting Monday, that is available to OWA users. This will allow users to collaborate easier, and make files easier to save to OneDrive. Users can manage versions of files easier this way.

All a user has to do, is click save to OneDrive, or Save all to OneDrive, and the files are added to OneDrive for Business, in a email attachments folder. Users can then move them to other folders, send them as separate attachments, or manage them however they want. All of this is easier than before.

Microsoft Helps Users Save Large Attachments Via OneDrive For Business

Large File Guidance

Email attachments are getting bigger and bigger, and the new Outlook Web App has smart intelligence built-in to manage these large attachments. The app will now alert users when they try to send a file or attachment that is larger than allowed in the company. This will grey out the attachment section.

It will also alert users to share these larger attachments via OneDrive For Business, and makes sure that recipients get the attachments via the cloud service. This will help users manage large attachments. OWA now limits users to 200MB attachments, but will be updated to 2GB over the next 8 weeks.

OWA and OneDrive for Business got nice updates. Managing emails and attachments isn’t easy, and these updates will definitely help out.

Published: Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 Last Modified: May 19, 2015

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