Outlook Gets Updates For iOS and Android Platforms

Microsoft Outlook has been around since January, and its gotten a lot of praise from mobile users, giving them the ability to manage their lives and email on the go. On Thursday, Microsoft updated both the iOS and Android versions of Outlook, and detailed what is coming next for both versions of Outlook.

Microsoft stated in their blog post that they are looking to update Outlook every few weeks, and this latest update gives bug fixes, updates, and views of the future. What Microsoft is focused on, is giving users the best possible mobile Outlook program, and they are doing that with Outlook.

Microsoft Updates Outlook For Android and iOS Platforms

Revised People Section

Now, the Outlook people section features a complete address book. The top contacts view has been replaced and now users can view their entire address book, making it easier to find and contact people while on the go. Additionally, for Android, Outlook pulls in locally stored contacts to put together a unified address book for clients.

Directory searches also get easier, as it integrates the full global address list into the people section. A person can just type in the name, select search directory, and find them. This makes it easier with large enterprise email lists. This does require the commercial Office 365 or Exchange Server email to work though.

Microsoft Makes Finding Searches Easier With Outlook Updates

Calendar, Search, Finish and Future

The calendar section now has a three-day view when viewing it in landscape, and is great on the iPhone 6 Plus, Note 4, and other tablets. Search highlighting makes it possible to highlight the search term in the message list. This makes it easier to find searches this way. Lastly, select all, undo of bulk actions, localization, accessibility, and deleting items from the deleted items folder have been updated.

Microsoft stated that in the future, they are looking to add mobile device management support to Outlook, and the built-in MDM features of Office 365. They are also looking into IRM or Information Rights Management protected email. Lastly, the support for Oath supported email is being researched for updates.

Outlook for iOS and Android looks beautiful. These updates make huge differences and are viewable in updates starting today.

Published: Saturday, April 4th, 2015 Last Modified: April 4, 2015

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