Outlook Gains New Partners Plus Preview Gains Users

The Outlook universe is a pretty large and diverse group, and it has millions of users who use it for personal and pleasure. With its ever expanding role, it has gained add-ins to make it more than just an email program. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced new partner add-ins, plus expanded the Outlook.com preview to more users.

Outlook has gone beyond just an email program, and has included programs like Skype to allow users to communicate and more with others. With the number of new add-ins, Outlook gets more users, and makes the overall experience of Outlook better for users. It should get more users using Outlook by the day.

Microsoft Integrates Uber Add-In For Outlook

New Partners Add-ins

Outlook got a number of new add-ins, and the new four add-ins should be pretty exciting if you use it often. First is Uber, and this will allow users to set up ride reminders within Outlook, confirm rides, and is available for Outlook 2013, Outlook on the web, and Exchange 2013 mailboxes, with it soon to Outlook.com users.

Second is Paypal, and this allows users to send money to others directly from their inbox. Third is Evernote, and this lets users clip emails and save them directly to Evernote, add tags, and use Evernote features in Outlook. Other add-ins include Boomerang, IFTTT, and Yelp which will all arrive soon for users.

Microsoft Integrates Evernote With Outlook With New Add-Ins

Expansion Of Outlook.com Preview

Along with the new add-ins for Outlook, Microsoft also announced the expansion of the Outlook.com preview. Users are being added to the overall preview program by the day, and Microsoft is using the feedback feature to hear about ideas from users who are currently in the preview. It should expand to many more users soon.

Additionally, Microsoft is also allowing more builders to build apps for Outlook. Microsoft is allowing users to use Outlook add-ins and Outlook REST APIs for mail, calendar, and contact features. Microsoft is guiding users to the dev.outlook.com portal to learn more, and to get more partners building for Outlook.

Outlook is getting a lot more features and add-ins. It’s more than email, and it’s a growing program by the day.

Published: Thursday, August 13th, 2015 Last Modified: August 13, 2015

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