Outlook Gains Google Video Call Support

Outlook is still the main communications tool used by users and businesses around the globe, and its cross platform use with Google has been troublesome. On Friday, Microsoft and Google teamed up to bring Hangout video calls to Outlook users courtesy of a new Outlook plugin.

The new Microsoft Outlook plugin will allow Google hangout users to dial into hangout video calls with fellow Outlook users. While the cross platform use seems like it should have been there for a while, getting the two technologies to work has been an issue.

Microsoft Outlook Gains Google Hangouts Support Via Plugin

The Outlook Plugin Launches

For Google hangout users, all that is required is to download and install the Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Users will have to have administrative privileges on their systems, and the plugin is free and easy to install. It’s available from the tools.google.com site, and a exe file required to install.

This plugin will add two new buttons to the Outlook ribbon for Outlook Mail and Calendar, and those are for scheduled and unscheduled video calls. Users can schedule a hangout to create a new meeting with hangout video call details, and then the unscheduled calls for an instant call that is on the fly, without much prep.

Google Hangouts Come To Microsoft Outlook For Instant Video Calls

Other Nifty Highlights Of Plugin

Outlook users will be able to have Google apps for Business account users join the call, and all they have to do is click the link in the email. Chromebox users can also join these as well. The ability to get the two platforms working together is a business success for both companies, and will get business users talking together soon.

Users can customize video call settings, and adjust any video call settings as well for their video calls. A number of other options are available for users with this Google Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook, and will probably have future updates as well. Hangouts are becoming a rapidly used video call feature for businesses, and now Outlook will allow these two be used as well. It’s a free plugin, and users can install it right away via their Outlook accounts for free.

This is a great business tool for Outlook users. It shows the two companies working together, and that is great for all users.

Published: Monday, May 19th, 2014 Last Modified: May 19, 2014

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