Outlook For Web Gets Updates To Enhance Product

It’s pretty clear that the idea to manage email on the web via Outlook, has become very popular and a great online tool from Microsoft. Outlook for the web and Outlook.com have millions of users, and on Tuesda got major updates, and a new name to focus on the future.

Microsoft made a number of changes to the Outlook product on the web, and came out with a few new changes as well. With a renaming of Outlook in 365, and a refocus on the web, email, Skype, and calendar updates will be available quicker and easier, plus with new tools as well.

Microsoft Updates Outlook For The Web With Action Toolbar

New Naming For Outlook

The first thing of business with Outlook on Tuesday was a renaming for the web product. Microsoft is taking the web version of Outlook in 365. The previous version had been known as Outlook Web App, but its new name will be Outlook On The Web. This makes it easier for users to focus on web mail and more.

Microsoft is stating that the new naming will help users be more efficient, stay on top of their inbox, and manage their calendar better. This along with a number of new tools will enable Outlook on the web clients to use Outlook from anywhere. All of these updates should arrive shortly.

Microsoft Lets Users Pin Messages With Outlook For The Web Update

Outlook Web Updates

Along with new naming, Outlook is giving users a new action bar for Outlook on the web. It provides users with command commands that they can use anywhere in the app. Microsoft also added a number of new features that will allow users to manage their inboxes easier.

First, Microsoft added Pin. Pin will let users pin any message to the inbox, and will be highlighted in yellow to find easier. Second is Sweep, and this will allow users to gather recurring messages and act upon them. Microsoft is also adding new buttons, improved single line view, and allows for easier resizing of images.

Outlook for the web got a new name and a lot of updates. Users will see the updates soon, and should see a better program for them to use.

Published: Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 Last Modified: August 5, 2015

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