Outlook For iOS Gains New Office Abilities

For mobile users, the need for a powerful email application is high on their demand list, and one that Microsoft clearly understands. They have given mobile users Outlook for iOS, but its been feature limited. That is until Thursday, when new Office features arrived for it.

On Thursday, Microsoft issued critical updates to Office for iOS, giving users the ability to open and send attachments with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This ability will now tighten the world of Outlook and Office, and gives mobile productivity users great new features.

Microsoft Reveals New Updates For Outlook On iOS

New Office Features

Now, with the Outlook for iOS application, users can now open Office documents as attachments directly in their iOS apps. The basic viewer is going away in due time, but Outlook for iOS has gotten a lot more powerful, and will give users attachment features like never before.

Additionally, users can make edits right in the document, and then send it back to their client, colleague, or business partner. Users can then click on a single tap via the back button, close the document and head back into Outlook, leaving the new updated attachment in the reply field.

Microsoft Makes Sending Attachments Easier With Outlook For iOS=

Amazing Attachment Updates

With this new Outlook for iOS update, Microsoft is giving users huge new features when it comes to attachments on mobile devices. They are making this integration between Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps a single feature, giving users what they want.

Users will also see a Send with Outlook option on the share menu, and this will open up Outlook’s compose new email pane, and the document ready o send. This will be coming to Android users in a few months, but is making Outlook for iOS the new dream of mobile users.

This new update for iOS is available today. If you are a mobile Office user, it’s well worth the download.

Published: Friday, August 21st, 2015 Last Modified: August 21, 2015

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