Outlook For Android Gets Updated

Outlook is a program that is used across the desktop and with Office on a daily basis. As Microsoft has updated it across mobile devices, the updates have come frequently and often. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated Outlook for Android, and with it, gave it much needed updates to try today.

On Android, Outlook is simply one of the best email programs available for the mobile operating system. It allows users to manage all of their email accounts in a single program, and works very well with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Exchange, and other email programs.

Microsoft Updates Outlook For Android On Tuesday

What’s New With Outlook For Android

With Tuesday’s updates for Android, Outlook got major updates to mail composing, and that is a major complaint that users have voiced in Social Media and forums. Second, performance improvements when the app launches have been fixed as well. This means quicker loading from the start to read and start emails.

Third, Outlook gets improvements to folder navigation, and also gives users back their spam and junk folders. It had been removed in previous versions, and was a big let down. Lastly, permanent deleting of messages from the trash folder is now immediate. This will save on space and lets users delete messages in seconds.

Microsoft's Outlook Meets Android For Best Mail Program On Android

Why Use Outlook on Android

While the Android operating system has Gmail built into it, and a separate email program, many are finding that Outlook is the best email program for them. It’s ability to handles many different email accounts at the same time, makes Outlook a powerhouse email program. This means Microsoft has done it right.

As Outlook gets updated for Android, it shows Microsoft’s multi-platform approach to its development of programs for users. Android has become a major place for Microsoft to build its apps, and Outlook is a major program for them. These latest updates mean that Outlook can load quicker and run more efficiently.

Try the new Outlook on Android today. It’s new updates mean Outlook will be easier to use and more efficient as well.

Published: Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 Last Modified: May 13, 2015

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