Outlook.com To Get New Apps As Early As This Week

Those who use Outlook.com know how Microsoft has improved the service, and given users one of the best email services available. On Monday, word came out about possible apps for the Outlook.com service. These apps could transform Outlook.com into more than just an email online service.

The rumors about upcoming app for Outlook.com trickled out on Monday, and all circulate around the upcoming BUILD conference. What we could see later this week, could be a lot of simple apps from developers, to complex applications from big name developers. Many await what we could see later at BUILD.

Microsoft Hints At Future Apps For Outlook.com Service Coming

Upcoming BUILD Session

The news about the apps for Outlook.com came as Microsoft started to leak the Build 2015 developers conference schedule. In the schedule, it states that developers can build in under 5 minutes, an app that could be listed in one store, and have it appear in Outlook.com, Outlook desktop, and Office 365.

This leads a lot to wonder about, and leads a lot to think about whether Microsoft will be opening up an API for Outlook.com. By giving app developers easy access to all of these programs with ease, it could give developers of all size a new productivity app to build, or one that enterprise users could use as well.

Microsoft's BUILD Show Showing Off Outlook.com Apps This Week

One App Plus Apps For Office

With the current version of Outlook for Office 365, users are able to use add-ins and apps, but never before with Outlook.com. The ability to let developers create a single app that they can use, could rapidly transform the Outlook and Outlook.com services. How easy they are to create will be the big question.

Microsoft is expected to show off the Office as a platform as well this week during the BUILD conference in San Francisco. It all starts on Wednesday, and should be very interesting. Developers are expecting to see the touch screen version of Office along with the future platform for them to build upon soon.

Build is coming and Microsoft knows that. Slight teases mean a full week ahead for them.

Published: Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 Last Modified: April 28, 2015

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