Outlook.com Now Supporting IMAP

In a huge move on Thursday, Outlook.com now supports IMAP and OAuth for its users, and should make Outlook.com users very happy. The addition of these two services will now support the best email connectivity tools around, and enable mobile devices as well.

The addition of IMAP and oAuth for users has been long desired by users who use Outlook.com, and is live as of today. Now Outlook.com uses these two services along with EAS and POP, which most email providers use currently.



Many active email users still use IMAP on their email programs, and it gives users the ability to view emails on all their devices at the same time. Especially with MAC users, IMAP is hugely popular. IMAP is hugely popular on feature phones and other email clients. Now with OAuth included, developers will be able to create third party tools to interact with Outlook.com, and add other services as well.

Services Using IMAP and Outlook.com

In its Outlook Blog, Microsoft highlighted TripIT, Sift, Slice, Unroll.me, and others services that currently use the IMAP technology within Outlok.com. By building an app that integrates with Outlook.com, the service gets even better and more powerful.

How To Connect

With Outlook.com, all that is needed for users to do is to configure their email clients to use IMAP. By using the configurations found on the Outlook.com site and via the Outlook Blog, users can update their email clients starting today. By adjusting the Incoming IMAP, Outgoing SMTP, and other settings, these changes take affect immediately.

Technicalities With Developers and Outlook.com

What might seem as overkill to most users, on the Outlook Blog, Microsoft detailed the developer basics and authorization commends that Outlook.com supports with its IMAP configurations. Developers can stroll through these settings, and build apps using them starting today.

By including IMAP on Outlook.com, Microsoft has made many email users happy and it allows people to use their current email clients along with the web site. Travelers and business clients will find IMAP a huge tool to use when managing email, and now it is included with Outlook.com. As Office 365 and Outlook.com grow, these changes are quickly needed and are now available for all users.

Published: Friday, September 13th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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