Outlook.com Gets Major Updates For Users

Users who use Outlook.com love the service, and it is one of Microsoft’s most beloved products. On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled a brand new set of advanced rules for users, with that and three other features making users inboxes more easier to manage and use daily.

According to Microsoft, the average user gets 28 emails per day, and manages close to 200 in their inbox daily. Sweep was a feature previously used by users, but with the new tools introduced, Microsoft will make the email process in Outlook.com a lot easier to figure out and manage.

Microsoft Introduces Advanced Rules To Outlook.com

How Advanced Rules Work

With advanced rules, Microsoft is giving users ways to control how their email messages are sorted, filed, and bumped. Users can create multi-condition and multi-action rules with their emails, and also integrate existing rules to create a more unique email experience for all to use.

An example of an advanced rule might be if an unread email is older than 5 days, and is from one of your contacts, than flag it. This will make emails that you want to read come to the top, and make those that you don’t want to read fall to the bottom. This kind of matches up to Priority Inbox from Google, but makes it beter.

Microsoft Gives Outlook.com Users In-Line Reply

Other New Outlook.com Features

Microsoft also introduced an undo feature by pressing the undo button, or control-z, and the email will come right back. Another is the in-line reply, which users can reply to an email without launching a new view, and keep track of their conversations much easier than ever before.

The last set of updates made to Outlook.com feature around personal messaging features. Now, users can find recent conversations and other contacts, and chat with them in the bottom left of the inbox. Users can also switch over from the right inside the chat session, if they are chatting with them on another service. Users can browse the people and what service they are using as well to see if they are available to chat, video chat, or just text.

All of these new Outlook.com features are available today. They make Outlook.com a ton more easier to use and manage, and are a huge improvement to the service.

Published: Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 Last Modified: May 14, 2014

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