Outlook.com For Android Get Major Update

On Thursday, Microsoft released a major upgrade for its Outlook.com app for Android that gives it a ton of new upgrades that users have been wanting. The updates are live in the Google Play store now, and give more search, readability, and other exciting features.

By releasing the latest updates to the Outlook.com app, Microsoft is showing users who use Android that they are listening, and giving them key features. As Microsoft states on its blog, 68% of their customers are accessing Outlook.com from a mobile device and it surely shows in the updates.

Microsoft Updates Outlook.com App For Android

Server-side Search and Downloading All Mail

The first major update to the Outlook.com update was the ability to search through all of your email. This search update includes mail that you haven’t downloaded to your phone, and users are able to search Outlook.com for the mail. This is a vast improvement to those who don’t download all their mail, and whose devices are limited by space to download it all.

The second major update is the ability to download all your mail on the app. Users who have the space have asked Microsoft for the ability to download all of their mail, and now users can download all the mail to their devices, no matter how old the mail is on Outlook.com. From 1 to 1000 messages, the new app gives users to download them all now.

Outlook.com App For Android Gets Five Major Updates For Users

Aliases, Colors, and Vacation Replies

Some of the other updates to the Outlook.com app are more cosmetic but are still very important. The app now allows for users to have different aliases that they use on the Outlook.com website. The ability for people to use these aliases for different Outlook accounts has been asked for by power users, and now on the app they can use it.

The other two minor updates made to the Outlook.com app for Android includes new colors, which surprisingly has also been very requested by users. Now, 11 colors are available to choose from and users can personalize it as much as they want. In addition, vacation replies can be set up directly on the Android app. Before users head on a trip or vacation, they can now set it up on their app.

The major updates are huge for Android users and makes Outlook.com more usable than ever. This is showing that Outlook.com is growing and used by more than just Windows users.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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