Outlook.com E-mail Address Sign-Ups Begin, Steve Balmer Apparently Forgot

Outlook Com Login You can now sign-up for a free Outlook.com e-Mail account. HURRY UP! Microsoft is transitioning its Hotmail users to Outlook.com, the company’s new web-based e-mail service, and therefore opened e-mail sign ups.

 Hotmail e-mail didn’t carry over, so a mad rush ensued and saw some Microsoft employee’s e-mail handles taken.

E-mailing Steve Ballmer to congratulate him on Windows 8? Make sure it’s the right e-mail address

If you’re interested in using Outlook.com in the long-term, then getting the important e-mail handle yesterday may have been difficult. If so, you’re not the only person experiencing issues: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had a potential handle claimed by a user, among other handles Microsoft should have taken.

The sign-up window opened yesterday, regardless of whether a Hotmail account exists. There’s no option to migrate the handle over. There’s the option to switch to the outlook.com handle, but it isn’t guaranteed to be the first. So congrats if the handle was gained.

More hilarious, though, is the fact that numerous Microsoft-related e-mail handles were quickly snatched up by users. PC Pro got [email protected], while a Tumblr user has [email protected] and [email protected] The Tumblr page is talking about Zune, and Ballmer bothering Gates as the latter tries to cure Malaria.

New Outlook Style
(Picture: Outlook-Skype integration)

More worrying is a Twitter user getting [email protected], sure to be a handle Microsoft aims to get sooner rather than later. donotreply is used when signing up to services. [email protected] also got acquired, and undoubtedly others not published online.

Not A Huge Issue, But Confusion Will Ensue

It’s not too big an issue because Steve Ballmer [email protected] Still, it could cause confusion among users wishing to get in touch with the CEO. It’s difficult to see what Microsoft can do about the addresses apart from e-mailing the handle (slightly ironic if Steve Ballmer is e-mailing himself).

Outlook.com is Microsoft’s new e-mail service, ultimately replacing Hotmail and bringing a greater focus on design as per Windows 8. Gmail is incredibly popular, but the casual consumer still using Hotmail should appreciate the cleaner aesthetic. The functionality seems identical.

Did you manage to get a desired handle, or did your name have to be entered with a number replacing a latter? Or is something more creative going to be preceding @outlook.com’s handle?

Outlook.com is available to use now.

Outlook.com Login Problems

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Published: Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 Last Modified: May 7, 2014

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