Outlook.com And Yahoo Mail Get Importing Love

Outlook.com users have been able to import their email from Gmail with the help of tools provided to them. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that now Outlook.com users will be able to import and manage their email from Yahoo Mail and other IMAP enabled email providers.

The move to allow users to import Yahoo and other email into Outlook.com will give Outlook.com users another reason to use it. Now, users can use a single service to implement their email versus many, and can have one inbox versus many as in the past.

Microsoft Allows Outlook.com To Import Yahoo Mail Into Service

Steps To Allow Importing

All a user has to do in Outlook.com is to head to the Options area and then click Import email accounts. From there, they can select Yahoo, input their Yahoo email address and password, and then finally press Import. All of this will give the user a Yahoo email address as a send from, and users can send Yahoo emails from Outlook.com

This simple tool will make it easy for Outlook.com users to send Yahoo emails from their single account. Those with two different email accounts often have to manage seperate accounts and passwords, and now it will make it a ton easier. It’s a simple migration tool that Outlook.com offers as of today.

Microsoft Allows Importing Of All IMAP Accounts With Outlook Tool

Import More Than Yahoo

Users on Outlook.com are able to now import email from other email providers as well. From the options menu, users can then select Import email accounts, and then choose Other email provider. Most IMAP enabled email providers are supported here, and users will be able to send and receive email as well using this import tool.

This set of importing email tools will make those with many different email accounts much happier. Managing several different email accounts is always a chore, but with Outlook.com and these import tools, now users can have a single source and program to manage their email. It is simple, and now finally available from Microsoft, and a tool that I am sure that many will use. Outlook.com is a huge email program and now users can have all their email in one place.

This is a great announcement from Microsoft. Now, all emails can funnel through Outlook.com, and that makes life a ton easier.

Published: Thursday, April 17th, 2014 Last Modified: April 17, 2014

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