Outlook 2013 RT In Latest Windows 8.1 Release

During its release of Windows 8.1 this week, Microsoft released the preview version of Outlook 2013 RT as well. The scaled down version of the software, which is has been requested like crazy, shows Outlook’s abilities on the Surface platform.

With Outlook 2013 RT however, has scaled back the number of functions that the application contains due to it being on a tablet format. This might irk some Surface users, but gives them a version of Outlook on their Surface tablets

Outlook 2013 RT Included With Windows 8.1 Release

Most Functionality Included With Outlook RT

Since Outlook 2013 RT is a tablet based application, it will have most of the features of its desktop client. However site mailboxes, MRM retention policies, integration between Outlook 2013 RT and Lync, and other features will not be included right away. This might be scaled more towards the Enterprise user, but gives consumers a number of features during their usage of Outlook 2013 RT.

Included With Licenses for RT 8 and Office Home and Student

In its blog post on Thursday, Microsoft detailed how the license process works for Outlook 2013. Essentially if you own Office Home & Student, you will get it. Also, if your Enterprise or business has commercial Office 2013 suites, they will also get the preview. This should please a number of consumer and corporate clients and also please business users to intend to use Outlook 2013 RT on their tablets for home and work.

One of the main features about Outlook 2013 RT is that it doesn’t replace the built in client for Windows, but it adds to it. Users on RT tablets in most cases will still continue to use the installed Mail client on their Surface RT and Surface RT Pro tablets, and use Outlook 2013 RT as something additional on their tablets. This is not the full desktop version of the software, and Microsoft has gone out and told users that on numerous blog posts as well.

Whether the release of Outlook 2013 RT is enough to generate additional sales of the Surface RT units is debatable, but the Surface RT products continue to add features at a record pace, that even Microsoft is not known for in their history, and that’s impressive.

Published: Friday, June 28th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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