Organize Your TV Habits With TVPLAN Beta Via Windows 10

As many know, organizing your TV schedule with as many channels out there, is quite tough, and technology helps us out via DVR boxes and other formats. A new Windows 10 app called TVPLAN Beta is out there to help you organize them on Windows 10.

The TVPLAN Beta Windows 10 app is built by William Bradley, and its a free app on the Windows Store. It’s made for both Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices, and offers TV viewers a new way to organize and keep their TV programs in order and how and when to watch them.

TVPLAN Beta Gives Windows 10 Users Advanced TV Guide Features

Inside TVPLAN Beta

With the Windows 10 app, you can use the context menus to access controls for your episodes, series, and then mark those programs as marked and personalize your TV habits. It’s backed by the various TV databases, so all programs are kept up to date and trackable for the viewer.

The upcoming calendar makes it simple for the user to see when the next program is due up, when it returns from repeats or hiatus, or when the next new episode is due for viewing. All of this turns the regular TV guide obsolete, and makes the TV a new fun thing to manage.

Organize Shows Like Game Of Thrones On Your Windows 10 PC Or Mobile Device For Free

Advanced Features Within

The various to watch pages, personalization of shows, and cast/crew information is delightful to enjoy, and many of them are controlled and viewable via the Cortana features. It has a shareable features to let you share your shows with friends, and that can make TV more social than ever.

The Windows 10 app has various notifications, background syncing, and personalized features that makes it strive above other Windows 10 TV apps. Detailed episode information, tracking shows, and planning out show viewing gives TVPLAN Beta a reason to download, and an interesting free download to try on your TV.

If you enjoy TV and watch a number of shows, TVPLAN Beta is an interesting free download. You can grab it now on the Windows Store, and see if you like it better than the local TV guide or guide of your choice.

Published: Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 Last Modified: May 9, 2017

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