Organize Your Home Media Server With Plex On Windows 10

One of the more technical things you can do with your music and videos is to have a home media server. On Windows 10, you can do that with an app called Plex. Its latest updates though make Plex a lot more usable and it works great with Cortana.

Plex is an app that works best on home media servers, but also works on individual systems. It gives you total control of your videos, music, and media, and is easily one of the best home media apps available on Windows 10.

Plex Gets Major Updates For Windows 10

Plex Latest Updates

With the latest Plex updates, users get a redesign of the account picker screen, and that has been wanted. Secondly, users can lock an account when the account picker is opened. That makes Plex more secure and more usable.

Third, Plex works great with Cortana, and lets users play, shuffle libraries, and playlists. This makes Plex a lot more usable in a family session, and lets users from all parts of the family control their music and videos. Blue background art has been updated too.

Manage Your TV Shows, Media & More With Plex

Updates & How To Use

Plex also fixed a number of bugs with its latest update. They have fixed transcoding of video, updated transport controls with media, updated the UI with tweaks, restored volume at startup, fixed Cortana bugs, and updated the service.

The best thing about Plex, is that it is simple to use and install. The app itself is free, and users can install it on their servers if they have it, or even their desktop. It works on all size hard drives, and with larger TB hard drives, you can use Plex to control it all.

Plex is a wonderful home media app on all platforms. For Windows 10, it really shines and is a worthy download.

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Published: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 Last Modified: September 2, 2016

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