Oracle OpenWorld Reveals More Microsoft Integrations Ahead

At Tuesday’s Oracle OpenWorld, the database company announced further integration with Microsoft in its products and services. The enterprise level integrations will help bind the two brands in both the enterprise technology and business world tighter than ever.

The tightness of the two companies will develop more partnerships between the two companies, and give enterprise customers more exciting products ahead. Companies looking to build Windows enterprise products can integrate Oracle’s line of database products starting today.

Microsoft and Oracle Announce Tighter Enterprise Integration On Tuesday

Windows Server Virtual Machine Images Available

For the first time, Microsoft is offering a preview of license-included Windows Server virtual machines running Oracle Database, Oracle Weblogic Server, and the Java Development kit. These are available starting on Tuesday, and marks the first step of a future partnership between these two companies. The ability for developers to download licensed machine images of Windows Server that already include the Oracle Database software will give developers an instant ability to get virtual machines running on the fly.

Azure Included As Well

One of the other key points of news from Oracle OpenWorld in relations to Microsoft, is the ability for Oracle offering bring-your-own-license Oracle Linux virtual machine images running Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server in Windows Azure. This marks a huge step for Azure, and gives IT professional and enterprise level managers the ability to integrate Oracle in the Azure cloud.

Oracle and Microsoft: Perfect Enterprise Partners

The very detailed blog post on the Technet site shows how customers who use Java, Oracle, and WebLogic Server can integrate those services on Azure and Windows Hyper-V. The ability for enterprise customer to run applications in Windows Azure with the leverage of applications that these companies can provide to enterprise customers is surely a powerful combo.

Included in the blog post were examples of current customers who are bringing the combination of Windows and Oracle together in their lines of work. The combination of these two enterprise giants will only lead to better enterprise and cloud server work to come, and hopefully lead to cheaper and more advanced cloud deployable technologies to come. While these two companies might have been enemies before, they pose a powerful enterprise combination today.

Published: Thursday, September 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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