OneNote Updates With OneDrive Plus Here Maps To Windows 8.1

Friday was an interesting news day from Microsoft, as the company had a number of different items come out about its products. The OneNote app got an update to use OneDrive and rumors about the Nokia Here Map app coming to Windows 8.1 were released as more certain than rumor.

Both OneNote and Windows 8.1 are important products to Microsoft, and to its future. The OneNote app is one of the most widely used note taking apps for students and professionals, and Windows 8.1 is the future for the phone ecosystem for Microsoft, and both got good news on Friday.

Microsoft Updates OneNote With OneDrive Support And More

OneNote Gets OneDrive Support

The OneNote app for Windows 8.1 got a major update on Friday, as the app was updated by Microsoft to use the newly renamed OneDrive service. The app also was updated to allow for larger handwriting and improved performance within the app. Note locations was also improved by Microsoft, and this should please many OneNote fans.

The other item updated by Microsoft in the OneNote app is the Narrator feature. This feature will allow for the app to read notes, and this is a major update for those with accessibility difficulties, and can read the app aloud to users. The app was updated on Friday, and is available for free on the Windows Store.

Microsoft Brings Nokia Here Maps From Mobile To Windows 8.1

Nokia Here Maps Coming To Windows 8.1 Devices

The other major news from Microsoft on Friday was the talk about Nokia Here Maps coming to all Windows 8.1 devices. The launch has been noted as “soon” by Microsoft, and it will complement the Bing Maps option for users. Nokia Here Maps feature very high resolution, and will offer offline support for users.

As part of the Nokia pending purchase, this gave Microsoft a way to access Nokia Here Maps, and this move to get Nokia Here Maps to Windows 8.1 devices is clearly a sign of that. Desktop users and laptop users will be able to access Nokia Here Maps for the first time, and should make for a very pleasurable experience for Windows 8.1 users when it launches from Microsoft.

I use OneNote and applaud the updates from Microsoft. Additionally, better maps are always a good thing, and I look forward to seeing how Nokia Here Maps works on desktops soon.

Published: Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: February 22, 2014

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