OneNote To Arrive On Mac Soon

The Microsoft OneNote app is a cross platform success, as the product is available for Windows, mobile, and tablets currently. But, missing from that is the Mac platform, until now. News about Microsoft releasing a fre version of the OneNote for the Mac has made Mac fans very happy.

OneNote is a huge success, and gives users the ability to save notes, pin articles, and discover organizational skills while using the app. Now, with Microsoft coming out with a Mac version of its OneNote program, it will finally be giving Mac users a program they have been desiring.

Microsoft To Deliver OneNote For Mac In Late March 2014

Free Full Version For Mac

The version of OneNote that will arrive for the Mac later this month will be a free and full fledged version of the product. Fears about it being a limited or partial version first surfaced when this surfaced, but more confirmations have led to updates to it being a full version. It will also be a free app for desktop Windows too.

OneNote for Mac will be a huge success for Microsoft when they deliver it. The Mac platform has a number of similar products, but it has been lacking an enterprise level product like OneNote. OneNote has so much power behind it, and has a large number of possibilities, that it makes this news huge.

Microsoft Gives OneNote And Possible Office Products To Mac Users In 2014

Could Be Larger Play Mac Platform From Microsoft

With news coming out this week that Microsoft is building a new version of the Office program for the Mac, this OneNote launch could be the first part of the entire product line. Since it is a small but integral part of Office, Microsoft may tease the Mac fans with this at first, and then give them the full Office product later.

Other programs like Evernote have been available on the Mac, and have become very successful. Microsoft needs to go after the Mac platform with a new Office strategy, and giving them OneNote is the first step. A promising Office launch along with OneNote for Mac could give Microsoft a huge new revenue stream, and make Mac users Microsoft fans once again, after much disappointment over the years.

I can’t wait for this OneNote launch. I use a Mac daily, and would love to switch from Evernote if possible.

Published: Thursday, March 13th, 2014 Last Modified: March 13, 2014

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