OneNote Share Extension Arrives On iOS 8

Apple’s iOS 8 has hit the Apple servers for Apple users to download, and with it, apps are being updated in record numbers. Microsoft is like all the rest of the companies issuing updates, but gave its OneNote program a new set of tools, which will makes sharing much easier.

The introduction of the share extension in Apple’s iOS 8 is a brand new feature of OneNote, and one that only iOS 8 users will be able to take advantage of. The new update is live for iOS 8 users, and those with iPhone and iPad’s running iOS can download starting today.

Microsoft's OneNote Gets iOS 8 Update With Sharing Features

How To Use Share Extension

All a user has to do, is enable the share extension from within Safari. Once a user goes into Safari, they can press the More and it will list all the extensions installed. The user just needs to activate or slide the switch to turn on the OneNote sharing feature, and it will go live.

Once it is enabled, users can then clip webpages, export file attachments, aave photos, and do a lot more. Users can also find the share feature within iOS 8 apps and tap OneNote to start sharing to OneNote right away. Users can even save a webpage from Safari to OneNote by just pressing the Share button.

Microsoft Makes Sharing In OneNote And iOS 8 Loads Easier With Update

Advanced Features Noted

Additionally, users can also select where they are sharing their content on OneDrive. By selecting location, they can choose their preferred notebook, and this makes a huge difference with personal and business accounts. It will populate the title of the web page when shared, making web pages a joy to share on OneNote.

The Share extension has also been enabled to work offline as well, and that allows users to preview web pages when not connected, and to view content on the go whenever not connected. All of these new features make OneNote on the iOS 8 software a lot easier to use, and makes sharing a breeze. The updated OneNote is available to download starting today.

OneNote is an awesome program on iOS. Now, with iOS 8, it becomes an amazing program that just got a ton of new sharing features to utilize anywhere.

Published: Friday, September 19th, 2014 Last Modified: September 19, 2014

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