OneNote Online Improves Co-Authoring Experiences

OneNote has always been one of the most impressive programs for note taking for individuals. But for teams and groups, OneNote has also been a tool that a lot of organizations uses more and more. On Wednesday, OneNote Online improved its co-authoring experiences.

The principle of co-authoring is with one or more authors working on the same document or notebook, as in the case of OneNote. Users have been able to access their OneDrive or Office 365 documents with OneNote Online, but it got even better with the enhancements made today.

Microsoft's OneNote Online Gets Co-Authoring Updates On Wednesday

People Presence Feature Improved

The biggest improvement made to the OneNote experience this week, was the new people presence feature. The basic essence of this feature is to help see who else is working on the same OneNote page, or might be in the same notebook at the same time. It works across any OneNote client and users can connect and collaborate as needed.

This people presence feature is important, since large groups of teams often work on OneNote notebooks, and many might not know who is in the document making changes or adding information to the document. Now, large teams or even smaller groups will know who is in the OneNote notebook, and even across mobile, desktop, and tablet clients.

Microsoft's OneNote Online Shows Off New Features In Updates Released Wednesday

Improved Syncing

The other major improvement made to the OneNote Online product was the vast improvement of the syncing of the product. Edits are now delivered in almost real-time. This real-time updating and editing, makes sure that both you and everyone on your team stays up to date on the notebooks, and keeps on the same path.

By improving the syncing across notebooks, Microsoft can encourage more corporations and businesses to use OneNote Online in their companies, and deliver real-time notebook editing to them. It could be two users or two hundred users in a notebook, but either way, the edits are saved in seconds. This type of real-time collaboration will be huge to business and enterprise customers, and is a huge thing for OneNote Online.

I’ve used OneNote Online just a little. These improvements though will help a ton.

Published: Thursday, August 14th, 2014 Last Modified: August 14, 2014

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