OneNote July Updates For iOS and Android Platforms

The OneNote program for both iOS and Android is wildly successful, and the product has give mobile users amazing tools at their disposal. On Thursday, Microsoft announced the July updates for both iOS and Android mobile platforms, giving mobile users big time updates for OneNote.

The OneNote updates for Android and iOS are big improvements over the previous versions of the software, and give mobile users a OneNote like no other. The updates are available to try right now, and are available via the Apple and Google Play Stores for mobile users.

Microsoft Updates OneNote For iOS and iPad

One iOS Unified App

First, Microsoft has made the iOS version of OneNote available as one app for iPad and iPhone. They had been available as two different downloads, but now the merged app will give users the updates quicker, and make it faster for Microsoft to update the apps for mobile users.

Additionally, a today widget has been added to the app, giving users access to their most recent notes with a single tap. Recent notes are also available in a new view, and allow users to see all their recent notes in a single view. New page previews and updated bugs to fix the whiteboard camera were made as well.

Microsoft Gives Android Users OneNote July Updates

Android Updates

For Android users, users now have the ability to move or copy pages from one section or notebook to another section or notebook. This was a major request from users, and Microsoft has listened to users on this feature update. Just tap and copy, and then move the page with ease.

Additionally, a big update is coming for Android Wear users. Now, users can see recent notes and tasks on their watches. This feature does require joining a beta community to test the update, but if you use Android Wear, it’s a must join. It looks great, and is a big plus for OneNote.

Microsoft has made OneNote better with these mobile updates. Download them today if you use OneNote for iOS or Android today.

Published: Friday, July 17th, 2015 Last Modified: July 17, 2015

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