OneNote Gets Updates For iPhone And Mac

OneNote is quickly becoming a best selling program for Microsoft, and with its releases for the iPhone and Mac, it is being downloaded more than ever. On Thursday, Microsoft updated OneNote for iPhone and Mac users, and has given them the features they want.

Microsoft clearly listened to their OneNote users with these fixes, and stated that it is very important to have a fluid and familiar note taking experience on all devices. The updates are free, and available on the App Store and iTunes marketplace for all to enjoy.

Microsoft Updates OneNote For The iPhone With New Features

OneNote iPhone Update

With the OneNote update for the iPhone, Microsoft gave iPhone users a number of new features. The first allows users to create new notebooks and sessions without being on their desktops. Users can create notebooks and sections from their phones, and all from their iPhone devices.

The other two updates include the addition of the Office Lens and the look of the app. Microsoft updates the Office Lens to allow users to scan receipts and pictures, and then import them into OneNote, sync them to OneNote, and have the text recognized via OCR. The look and feel of the app has been improved as well for iOS 7.

Microsoft's OneNote Get Five Updates For Mac Product

OneNote For Mac Update

The OneNote for the Mac program though got a number of updates, with the first major update includes the ability to print notes. Users can print the notes and also save them as a PDF as well. Users can also drag and drop images with the updated OneNote, and users can format images and use tools to crop images as well.

A format painter has been introduced into the app as well, and allows text formatting throughout the notes. Users can also copy and paste formatted content, and this will help with data from Word and Excel documents. Lastly, hyperlinks can be organized with display names for links within the notes of OneNote. All of these updates will make OneNote for Mac a more widely used program, and with 5 new updates, should please many.

OneNote continues to evolve and its a good thing. The iPhone and Mac got great updates, and are available now.

Published: Friday, May 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: May 2, 2014

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