OneNote Gets Multiple July Updates On Windows 10

If you use OneNote for anytype of educational, business, or enterprise use, you know it gains new features monthly, and that is a great thing. July marks more updates for OneNote, and gives it a lot of new features.

OneNote is a free app on Windows 10 from Microsoft, and it is one of the best notetaking and organizing apps that you can use on the Windows 10 platform. But, with frequent updates, it just gets better for users.

OneNote Gets Pen & Immersive Reader Updates In July

Customizing Pens & Immersive Reader

The first thing that users will notice, is the ability to choose a personal set of pens. Users can use pens, highlighters, and pencils for inking. Just pick your pen, your width and ink color to proceed.

Second, users will see a new column for reading, and they can use the new Immersive reading experience with OneNote. It helps users improve their reading speeds and helps users understand what they read with it.

OneNote Gains Multitasking Abilities In July Update

Multitasking Finally

The biggest overall improvement to the OneNote app on Windows 10 for July is the multitasking update to the app. Now, users can choose the view tab, choose new window, or choose control M to open a new instance of OneNote.

The addition of Multitasking on OneNote has been a big request from users, and now it is alive. It makes seeing a bunch of notes while studying much easier, and makes the OneNote experience a sleeker experience.

OneNote is free and a must download for Windows 10. The July updates made it much better and worth updating.

Published: Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 Last Modified: July 11, 2017

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