OneNote Gets Major May 2016 Windows 10 Updates

OneNote continues to be an awesome program for any Windows 10 user, and Microsoft continues to deliver monthly updates that astound its users. The newest batch of May 2017 updates wil make you want to use it more.

The newest batch of updates to hit the Windows 10 version of update have hit the production ring for many Windows 10 users. The version 17.8241.5759 should be live for most to start downloading now.

OneNote Pushes Major Updates For Windows 10 Users

May 2017 Biggest Updates

One of the biggest things that OneNote got updated this month, is the ability to print directly to OneNote. Users can now insdtall the send to OneNote app from the store, and print a file directly to OneNote this way.

Secondly, users can now insert meeting details. A user can now choose an Outlook meeting, and with a single click, see the note with the time, date, place, who is invited, and much more. This is huge for business users.

Selecting Multiple Pages In OneNote Is Easy With May 2017 Updates

Other OneNote May 2017 Updates

While the two noted items are the biggest things on the release notes, other things have been updated as well. Users can now select multple pages, and see page versions of their pages in their OneNote notebook.

Additionally, users can check spelling in another language, and that can help if you have notes in multiple languages. Lastly, fast track moving or copying of pages is now available, which should help some out.

The newest OneNote app updates are on the Windows Store. Update your current app, or download OneNote already.

Published: Sunday, May 21st, 2017 Last Modified: May 21, 2017

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